Adding to the excitement of this incredible season was the addition of the new facilities at the field house. Thanks to Firelands Regional Medical Center, our athletic boosters, and many other generous donations of money, time and talents we witnessed the construction of a new field house and home locker room.  Just an incredible accomplishment.      

     To all the people on the various committees, to those who helped create the vision, searched for financing, sacrificed their time and efforts to create a facility for the athletes of our district – we can’t begin to thank you enough. 
     This facility stands as a symbol of the pride and spirit of community we have here at Edison, it's great to be an Edison Charger. 


    We believe that it is vital that our players train together.  Additional training to supplement our workouts is acceptable; however, it should not replace our program.  Football is the ultimate team sport and as such, it is imperative that we begin to build our team now.  Time spent training together builds chemistry, loyalty, leadership and bonds that help to define our program.  There is no substitute for time spent working together.

    OTA's include strength training, speed training, football skill sessions, and team building events.  We have already begun our speed (Mondays) and strength training (Tuesday and Thursdays) sessions.  The speed training takes place in the new Firelands Regional Medical Center Field House and strength training is in the weight room.  These workout sessions run from 3:00 to 4:30.

   Football skills sessions is a new activity and will take place on Wednesday's beginning on March 1st.  These sessions will take place in the field house from 3:00-4:30.

Organized Team Activities (OTA's) 

Firelands Regional Medical Center