Firelands Regional Medical Center Fieldhouse

      Thanks to Firelands Regional Medical Center, our athletic boosters, and many other generous donations of money, time and talents we witnessed the construction of a new field house and home locker room.  Just an incredible accomplishment.      



Charger Pride Challenge - Final Results


     To all the people on the various

committees, to those who helped

create the vision, searched for financing, sacrificed their time and efforts to create a facility for the athletes of our district – we can’t begin to thank you enough. 
     This facility stands as a symbol of the pride and spirit of community we have here at Edison, it's great to be an Edison Charger. 

     The second annual Charger Pride Challenge competition was completed at the conclusion of the 4th quarter.  Four teams, led by our seniors, were drafted in January and have been compiling points throughout the school year.  Players earned points through their participation on other Edison athletic teams, attendance at our weight room sessions, academics, positive teacher comments, etc.  Players could also lose points for themselves and their teams by school absences/tardy's, detentions, poor academics, negative teacher comments, etc.  

      Congratulations to the team led by seniors Justin Daniel and Kristian Brown as they compiled 1700 points to win the competition.  The winning team members include:  Thomas Simon, Grant Ott, Jacob Stoll, Connor McMurray, Gabe Rang, Sam Schaeffer, Korie McKillips, Carter Scaefer, Aydan Houser, and Dominic Dymond.

    The winning team and the top three point earners (Jacob Brewer, Luke Bissell, and Noah Smith) were rewarded with an afternoon at Odin's Paradise Indoor Airsoft Field in Norwalk.