The annual Charger Pride Challenge officially began as we resumed classes after winter break.   A team luncheon/draft was held on Thursday January 2nd in the Firelands Regional Medical Center Field house.  Five teams, led by our seniors, were drafted and have been compiling points throughout the school year.  Players earned points through their participation on other Edison athletic teams, attendance at our weight room sessions, academics, positive teacher comments, etc.  Players could also lose points for themselves and their teams by school absences/tardy's, detentions, poor academics, negative teacher comments, etc.  







2020 Football Mulch Sale Fundraiser

2020 - Charger Pride Challenge

      The Edison football mom's are organizing the team's

annual Mulch Fundraiser just in time for Spring!  All proceeds

will cover the cost of our weekly team football Thursday Night

Dinners for the entire football team - all players 9-12.

     The team is selling individual bags of mulch

(black, brown, and red) for $4 per bag.   The orders will be

delivered to your home for free on Sunday April 26th.

    Order forms can be downloaded and returned to the

Athletic Office at the high school.  The deadline for sales

is Tuesday March 31st.